Question: What is your policy about upgrades and continued access to the website?
All purchases made at this time come with a guarantee of free upgrades and unlimited access for at least one year.


Question: Who created The Wood Explorer database?
Most of the data for the database was assembled in the early 90's, in an effort to create the world's most complete encyclopedia on commercial wood species. This was a non-profit project involving some 30 data-entry people collecting, organizing information from more than 1,200 wood books, periodicals, research papers, and expert woodworkers around the world.

Wood books bought online or at bookstores rarely cover more than 300 species, and cost in excess of $20 each. The Wood Explorer covers 1,650 species in great depth. Many of our wood images originated from a exclusive contract we had with the U.S. Forest Products Laboratory, and are not available anywhere else.

We continue to add data and functionality to this database, including access to this data now via smartphone and tablet. The Wood Explorer is in a class by itself.

Question: Where can I access support or offer feedback?
Send all requests for help or your feedback here:  support